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Ukraine crisis: What next for both sides?

Written By Unknown on Monday, 3 March 2014 | 00:34

Ukraine crisis: What next for both sides?

Ukraine crisis: What next for both sides?

On Sat President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin touched to urge parliamentary permission to use Russian troops not simply in Crimea, however in Ukraine as a full. This takes this crisis to a worrisome new level.

Russian diplomats say he might not use those powers "immediately" - however that will appear to imply they will be used quickly.

President national leader has aforementioned he can do what's necessary to "protect Russian voters and compatriots". Already there area unit disturbances in cities in japanese Ukraine.

And Russian troops area unit on combat alert on the border, as a part of the large training being administered on.

'Neo-fascist coup'
Both Russia and therefore the West say they require a peaceful resolution, however they're at polar opposites on the basic question of WHO is that the legitimate authority in Ukraine.

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There should sure enough be very little appetence for NATO to react militarily”

Western powers say it's the new interim government in Kiev, authorised by the Ukrainian parliament.

Russia says Kiev is within the hands of associate degree illegitimate government of "far-right extremists" with "xenophobic, anti-Semitic and neo-fascist" views, put in because the results of a "coup d'etat", that oust President Victor Yanukovych lawlessly.

Mr national leader needs the West and {kiev|Kyyiv|Kiev|capital of the Ukraine|capital} to travel back to the defunct agreement signed with Victor Yanukovych on twenty one February to carry discussions concerning constitutional reform to satisfy the stress of all parties and regions - presumptively shorthand for reforms to show Ukraine into a federation, with additional autonomy for Russian-speaking regions and Crimea.

But that will effectively mean recognising that adult male Yanukovych remains president which the new Ukrainian government is so illegitimate.

The West isn't planning to comply with that.


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