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Few options left for Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy

Written By Unknown on Friday, 28 February 2014 | 01:12

 Few options left for Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy
 Few options left for Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy

After the Supreme Court ordered the difficulty of a non-bailable warrant against against Sahara cluster boss Subrata Roy, he gave the impression to have burnt all his boats before the apex court. however Roy offered AN unconditonal apology on Th for having didn't seem before the court on Wed ANd  pleaded with it to recall an order to arrest him.

But there appear few extraordinarily slim gateways to flee the spectre of such AN apex court-led order that maybe no company chief has full-fledged during this country.

He will file a review petition against the order, he will rush to the court and surrender, giving a sincere apology before he's in remission. He will convert the judges that his counsel, Ram Jethmalani, was speaking the reality on Wed once he same Roy “was sitting within the hospital in Lucknow, holding the hands of his dying mother”.

A review petition beneath the SC Rules is illusory; the petition are going to be examined in chambers by a similar judges UN agency passed the order. This bench can see whether or not there was any “error apparent on the record” in its order. The bench isn't doubtless to alter its mind at intervals per week, particularly as a result of the contempt petition was being argued at length for nearly a year, by star counsels for the Securities and Exchange Board of Republic of India on the one hand and people for Roy and his 3 different administrators. the administrators have already appeared face to face and ought to be gift at subsequent hearing, too, regular for next weekday.

Since the bench, of judges K S Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and J S Khehar, has exercised the inherent powers of the best court of the land, there's no method receptive challenge its power and jurisdiction. If it were a court below, there might are thereforeme probability to try to to so.

The penalization prescribed by the Contempt of Court Act is easy imprisonment up to 6 months or a fine of Rs two,000 or each. The offence Roy is charged with is contempt of court, outlined as “wilful disobedience” to any order or wilful breach of any enterprise given to the court. The order was to come concerning Rs twenty,000 large integer collected in fetters from investors.

Few options left for Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy

The court may discharge the contemnor or remit the penalization on AN apology created to its satisfaction. If condemned, he may be discharged on bail on terms the court might imagine match.

According to the SC Rules, its registrar problems the warrant beneath his signature. it'll direct the district justice, the superintendent of police or the commissioner of the place wherever the suspect person is residing to arrest and turn out him before the court, with a final sentence: “Herein fail not.” The court will go additional and order attachment of property of the suspect person.

When someone is therefore in remission, he shall be created before the closest justice at intervals twenty four hours of the arrest, excluding the time necessary for travel. The court will pass additional orders, together with recovery of prices within the proceedings. each warrant shall stay operative till it's off by the court or dead.


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