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Yanukovych surfaces in Russia, gunmen seize Crimea parliament

Written By Unknown on Friday, 28 February 2014 | 01:03

Yanukovych surfaces in Russia, gunmen seize Crimea parliament

Yanukovych surfaces in Russia, gunmen seize Crimea parliament

Armed men appropriated the parliament in Ukraine’s peninsula region Th and raised the Russian flag, horrific Kiev’s new rulers, United Nations agency urged capital of the Russian Federation not move troops out of its base of operations on the terra firma.

“Wanted” former president Viktor Yanukovych meantime surfaced in Russia Th, speech communication he was still president of land and warned its “illegitimate” rulers that folks within the southeastern and southern regions would ne'er settle for mob rule. He was reportable to own been granted protection by Russia.
In a statement sent to Russian news agencies, Yanukovych railed against the “extremists” United Nations agency had purloined power in land, vulnerable violence against himself and his nearest aides and passed “illegal” laws. Russian news agencies later aforementioned he planned to carry a group discussion on weekday (1300 GMT) within the southern Russian town of Rostov-on-Don peninsula, the sole Ukrainian region with associate degree ethnic Russian majority, is that the last huge bastion of opposition to the new leadership in Kiev since President Yanukovych was ousted at the weekend and provides a base for Russia’s sea fleet.

“I am appealing to the military leadership of the Russian sea fleet,” aforementioned Oleksander Turchinov, Ukraine’s acting president. “Any military movements, the additional therefore if they're with weapons, on the far side the boundaries of this territory (the base) are going to be seen by US as military aggression,” he said, daily when a hundred and fifty,000 troops in western Russia were placed on high alert.
Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry summoned Russia’s acting ambassador in Kiev for consultations because the face-off between capital of the Russian Federation and also the West revived reminiscences of the conflict. The us has known as on capital of the Russian Federation to avoid doing something risky over land, that has been in crisis since Nov last year, once Yanukovych abandoned a planned trade written agreement with the EU and turned instead towards Russia.

Russia aforementioned US Secretary of State John Kerry had planned cooperation with capital of the Russian Federation to resolve the land crisis throughout a telephony with secretary of state Sergei Lavrov Th. The contemporary turmoil sent the Ukrainian Ukranian monetary unit  tumbling to a replacement record low of eleven to the greenback on Reuters dealing platform. Ukraine’s new rulers ironed ahead with efforts to revive stability to the divided country, approving formation of a national coalition government with former economy minister Arseny Yatseniuk as its planned head. Yatseniuk told parliament that Yanukovych had driven the country to the brink of collapse. He defendant the drum out president of remotion state coffers vacant and aforementioned $70 billion had disappeared into offshore accounts. “The state treasury has been robbed and is empty,” he said.


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